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Dive into a world of logistics excellence as you explore our comprehensive service portfolio. From seamless solutions to efficient transport, discover the breadth of Figueroa's offerings tailored to meet your cargo needs.



Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Efficiently transport smaller shipments with Figueroa Transport's LTL services. We specialize in optimizing costs without compromising on reliability. Your cargo receives personalized attention, ensuring timely and secure deliveries that match the scale of your shipment, making us your go-to partner for flexible and cost-effective logistics.

Full Truckload (FTL)

Experience dedicated and secure transport for your larger shipments with Figueroa Transport's FTL services. Our commitment is to provide a direct and efficient route, ensuring the integrity of your valuable freight throughout the journey. With a focus on reliability, our FTL services are tailored to meet the unique demands of your cargo, making us a trusted choice for seamless transport.

Dry Van Services

Protect your goods from the elements with Figueroa Transport's dry van services. Our secure and weather-resistant transportation ensures the safe delivery of a diverse range of goods. From standard shipments to sensitive cargo, our dry van services offer a dependable solution for maintaining the condition of your freight throughout the entire journey.

Reefer Services

Ensure the safe and controlled transport of perishable goods with Figueroa Transport's reefer services. Our specialized refrigerated transportation maintains the required temperature, preserving the integrity of your temperature-sensitive shipments. From origin to destination, our commitment is to deliver your perishable goods in optimal condition, providing reliability you can trust.

Flatbed Services

Experience versatility and reliability in cargo transport with Figueroa Transport's flatbed hauling services. Designed for oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, our flatbed services provide the flexibility needed to transport a diverse range of goods securely. Trust us to meet your unique shipping needs with precision and care, ensuring every journey is tailored to your cargo's specifications.

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